Taste Real Japanese Ramen in Baguio City, Philippines! RAMEN NAGI!

Many students from Japan, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Arabia and Korean come to study English in the Philippines, so there are many special restaurants of various nationalities.

Today, I will introduce you to Ramen Nagi which is located on the second floor of Baguio SM Mall!

From SM Mall, take the escalator going to the second floor and you will see the store on the right side. There is an indoor seat and there is a seat on the outdoor terrace. Japanese style interior is noticeable like a Japanese ramen house!

This is their menu

There are also several branches in different countries like Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and also in Manila, Philippines.

You can choose the level of spiciness and the concentration of the sauce according to your taste buds.

There are already prepared sauce for each table. However, there are no options of pickled radish, rakkyo, and ginger which is a Japanese cuisine.

In the Philippines, when you order food, you put your order on the table which has a number on it.

We add an additional order of egg and green onion. I ordered that and paid the amount of 600 pesos.

Ramenagi adds 10% for service charge

In the Philippines, a bowl of 600 pesos is extremely expensive.

But if you are a language school student who wants to feel real Japanese ramen, we recommend that you visit Ramen Nagi!