New dumpling restaurant, King Chef, in Baguio city

Hello, this is Talk Academy in Baguio city, Philippines.

There are students of various nationalities studying English in Talk Academy. Recently, there are many students from Taiwan and China

who come to school.

In addition, Baguio has a new dumpling restaurant!

The place is located on the first floor of Orchard Hotel building

on Legarda Road, Baguio city.

Taxi fare costs about 100 pesos from Talk academy, Yangco Center.

when you enter the restaurant, it’s bigger than you think.

Chinese people say they like red, therefore the interior is also red which catches the eyes.

Operation hours is 10 am to 10 pm.

Regarding the menu, it is easy to select food because there are pictures attached to it.

Put a check in the box next to your order in the brown paper which will be given by the waiter. Also, write down the quantity separately. They give bill after you order and you can pay your bill at the counter after finishing your meal.

They provide hot tea while waiting for the food to be served

because in Chinese culture, people drink hot tea instead of cold water.

King Chef, which is a good dumpling restaurant in Baguio, offers a variety of delicious food even chicken leg and Xiao Long Bao!

In the Philippines, the price is cheap, so you may pay about 1000 pesos

even if you eat a lot!

There is also a discount event during lunch time. Therefore, I suggest to Talk Academy students to visit the place on weekends!

If you have any question, feel free contact to us!

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