Happiness of 10 USD , NUAT THAI massage

Helo, this is TALK Academy Bguio City, Philippines!

One of the things that reminds about the Philippines!

Mango and Massage 🙂

At this moment, I would like to introduce about cheap and effective massage shop, NUAT THAI

This place is located beside the Albergo hotel.

Address is as follow :

3 Villamor Street, Rommel Mansion Building Brgy, Baguio, Benguet,

NUAT THAI is a chain massage shop in the Philippines, you can find it easily at any point in the Philippines.

The contact number of this branch which i introduce you is 0917-887-8343

At weekends, it might be full of reservation , so you’d better make reservation before you go!

The opearating hours are different in each branch, this branch opens at 12 pm to 12 am.

Once your inside the building, there is a korean mart which is SKY MART and you have to go inner and the second floor is NUAT THAI massage shop.

All of NUAT THAI brandies interior are all most the same because which is chain shop.

This is NUAT THAI massage shop’s menu and price list.

My recommendation is Swedish massage, 400 pesos per hour!

400 pesos is cheap price , it os less than 10 dollars!

One of the advantages in the Philippines ! Cheap price!

There are a lot of massage shops in the Philippines that do not wash the feet of their customers but in this place, it offers a service to wash the customer’s feet first.

The way to get a massage!

Each room is separated by a curtain.

Since it’s dark and could not see well by picture but there is a bed for massage.

Using the shower room has an extra charge of 50 pesos.

If you do not get oiled massage, you do not need to use a shower room.

When your massage is done, thoes tip purses are there.

Usually tips are right to give as much as you like, i recommend 10% of the massage price.

For the Swedish massage cost is 400 pesos, so better give 40-50 pesos for tips.

Of course, if you are satisfied, you can give higher tips!

NUAT THAI always provides hot tea or water after the massage is over.

Having massage and warm teas make you fell more helpful to relax your mind and your body stability!

Why don’t you take a massage and relax your body when you fell stiff while studying hard and sitting at your desk long

I hope all the TALK Academy students study hard as always with good feelling after having a massage 🙂

If you have any question, feel free contact to us

skype : baguiotalk@gmail.com

mail : baguiotalk@gmail.com