“Sky Ranch” Baguio City’s Amusement Park

Do you know that there is an amusement park in Baguio City?

Sky Ranch is the name of the amusement park in Baguio. It is situated beside SM Mall parking area.

There are many TALK Academy students who often visit SM mall during the weekends because the place is good for releasing stress.

Sky Ranch amusement park is smaller than any other amusement parks in the Philippines.

On weekdays, admission fee is 150 pesos and tickets are sold separately for each ride.

Ferris wheel is the best ride in the park.

It is recommended riding Ferris wheel at night because of the city’s cool temperature and night’s view.

SKY RANCH might be small but it is a crowd-pleasing theme park in the heart of the city.

Various rides for entertainment such as merry-go-round and viking can also be found at Sky Ranch.

There are some bump cars that can be fun with running and clashing of each car.

Release your stress out from weekdays activity by trying the rides in the amusement park on weekends!

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