Baguio City’s Night Market

This time I would like to introduce about Night Market in Baguio City, Philippines.
The pictures are taken in the evening so the quality of the photo is poor.

Baguio’s Night Market is situated between Session Road and Burnham Park.

It is open from 10 pm to 2 am every day.

There are various products that they sell in Night Market.

You can experience eating Filipino snacks such as TAHO and BALUT, which are good for stamina. You can buy variety of things such as second hand clothes, shoes, accessories and souvenirs which are made in Baguio, also try henna tattoo.

This is one of the places that most TALK Academy students visit, because the price is cheap but students have curfew of until 10 pm, so TALK Academy students can only go there during the weekends.

There are also some stalls in Burnham Park whose products are all new and might be a bit expensive rather than the second-hand products, but is it still quite cheaper than the prices in Korea.

Students can study hard on weekdays, and just visit the Night Market on weekends if they have time.

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