Webfoot octopus / Dak-galbi (Spicy Stir-fried Chicken) / Goat’s stew

In EDY Building next to Starwood Hotel, there is a Korean Restaurant which offers spicy food.
Its name is Sam Gyop Sal Jjuggumi.
Business hour is from 10 am to 11 pm.

Its taste is yummy and spicy.
The restaurant serves Kong-namul-guk (Bean Sprout Soup) and other side-dishes.

While eating, I almost forgot to take photos of food.

This is soju which is perfect combination with jjuggumi.

After remaining a little of it, fry two to three bowls of rice. It’s awesome.

It’s goat’s stew. In stew, there are plenty of meats and vegetables.

When there is only soup, you could choose to eat it with rice or noodle.
In my case, I chose eating it with noodle. It was a good choice as well.
I strongly recommend having dinner in this restaurant.