The Resto Bar “One Piece”

Today, I would like to recommend the resto bar “One Piece”. It is near Yangco Center.

Around One Piece, there are two bars “2600 Gastropub” and “Concoctions”.
One Piece is located under Concoctions.

This is its entrance.

The interior is nice.
Even during lunch time, it’s opened.

On the wall, there are the pictures of characters of the Animation “One Piece”.

One of its merits is the clean toilet in the resto bar.

As the owner is Korean, there are many Korean menus.

These are the recommendation from the owner.

Many Filipino alcohol can be chosen as well.

There are the beer in Barrel and a lot of kinds of liquors.
Every night, a band of two people performs.

Another merit is that local people enjoy the atmosphere of the bar.

When I visited, the customers in the bar were Filipinos. If I were late, I could not enjoy dinner in One Piece.
Also, the resto bar has bells on its tables for calling a waiter.You can call a waiter by bell quickly and easily.