Korean restaurant ‘Woodney nymp’

Today I went to Korean restaruant ‘Woodney nymp’ where offers authentic Korean food.
its located on Military cut-off. Just inform taxi driver of Military cut-off, you can find it easily.

Entrance of Woodney nymp restarurant
There is a parking lot, so you can take car here.

It’s sign of Woodney nymp rastaurant.
Looks good.

Interior of Woodney nymp.
There is plenty of seats and good for group customers.

The picture above shows they offer ice flakes. Korean usually eat snow flakes for dessert.
This resto has the machine need to make snow flakes.

Menu of this resto
let me show the menu and foods served.

I’ve ordered pork with sweet and spicy sauce, Kim bab(Koreans style roll)

The pictures above are snow flakes.
I strongly recommend you to take snow flakes.