The special restaurant for porridge(Lugaw) in Baguio

Today let me introduce traditional Filipino food.
This restaurant we cannot say its big and restaurant but it offers delicious and make us fully satisfy.

They offer delicious and nutritious Lugaw(porridge).
the resto is that bright place in the picture above.
In the philippines, we call porridge Lugaw.

This is the menu of this resto.
The owner is Filipino and you can add boiled egg or meat in Lugaw.
They offer variety of Filipino foods but I always eat Lugaw it is the best menu and cheap! just 25 Pesos without additional topping.

It is based on chicken and rice. I strongly recommend you to eat after drinking.
You can figure out when you wake up in the morning after eating this one.

It is also good for sickness. Chicken Lugaw with garlic and meat.

You can add some seasoning. If you like.

I like making spicy so that I put chili pepper a lot.

You can have dine-in or take out service.
This is my favorite place after drinking.