Talk Academy Dormitory

This time we would like to introduce our dormitories.

We have three types of dormitories in Baguio City.

Our main campus is located at 37 Yangco Street which is quite close to the main street of Baguio City. So the location is perfect.

We have quadruple rooms in this main building.

Since all rooms have renovated, it’s more comfortable than before.

We provide a refrigerator, hairdryer, and dehumidifier. Moreover, there is a sink outside of the bathroom.

That’s why even if the bathroom is occupied, students can still wash their faces and brush their teeth.

Besides the main campus, we also have a building which is called “Green House”.

Green House has a single and a twin room.

There is a kitchen on the first floor of Green House, so students can cook whenever they want.

It’s also good for a family.

As we introduced the previous article, We also have our Premium dormitory.

It’s located at Moran St, Brgy. Gibraltar. There are famous tourist spots around this area.

If you want to get some more details, please check the article below.

The last one is our Terrace Condominium.

This dormitory is just 7 minutes on foot from the academy.

Except for our main dormitory on the campus, students are allowed to cook since there is a kitchen inside them. 

If you want to cook something by yourself while studying English at TALK Academy, we recommend you to stay in our outside dormitory.