Features of TALK

1. Best Management with one-on-one counseling system

Talk academy operates one center for specialization of our curriculum.
Yangco center focuses on ESL program for beginner learners. We also offer test courses like TOEIC and IELTS. The capacity is up to —– students.
Total of 8 managers manage students who are studying and living in this place.
This center has head teacher who is in charge of the curriculum of students and a secretary who is in charge of the visa extension, accounting and applying for the official test.
We also have subject head teacher. They train all teachers in each center and help them teach qualified lectures to students.
And lastly, all managers who are in charge of their own countries do their best to provide good service to everybody.
The managers monitor every class and student’s life and then counsel the students about studying English and living here productively while studying.

2. Integrated curriculum

All students in Talk academy have learned by our own curriculum and textbooks. The learners can use the things they have learned in all classes.
It’s not only they take many class but also improve their English skills more effective through our curriculum.
We call this ‘ Integrated curriculum’ All subjects and every class such as One-on-one class and group class are connected with all subjects organically.
For instance, if all textbook we use in Talk are public textbook, students have to memorize and need to know 400 ~ 500 words everyday, the more students study, the more they need to know vocabulary. Of course, they cannot remember all of words they have learned in the class.
Talk academy is working to prevent these situations, we are using own curriculum and textbooks we developed by ourselves.

3. Self-developed textbooks and level system

We developed our textbooks, curriculum and 12 steps level system by ourselves with long years of know-how.
We divided level into Beginner 1,2,3 / Pre-intermediate 1,2,3 /
Intermediate 1,2,3 / Advance 1,2,3.
This proved system helps you to improve and to use English more fluently in real situation with short term.
With self-developed textbooks, workbook and level system, we provide customized learning system to the learners based on their levels.

4. Operating intensive IELTS program with small capacity

The purpose of studying IELTS is preparing migration to western countries. Also learners is studying IELTS for getting a job.
For making the learners to achieve their goals, Talk academy operate IELTS program with small capacity. Only 10 students is available through all of countries.
Taking IELTS in Talk, you will be 1% of TALK.

5. The first school to start and operate 800, 900 TOEIC score guarantee in the Philippines

Talk academy is the first school to start and operate 800, 900 TOEIC score guarantee in the Philippines.
Let’s take TOEIC course with qualified textbooks and teachers in TALK. In addition, The learners can improve their speaking skills in English with our curriculum.
Our score guarantee course is designed to guarantee 600, 800, 900 TOEIC score.
Failure to achieve target TOEIC within 12weeks, TOEIC tuition fee is free until they achieved their goals.

6. Pronunciation class with native teacher

All of students in Talk academy will take pronunciation class with native teachers. Native teachers are American, Canadian and British. You can improve your pronunciation in native teachers with reasonable tuition fees in the Philippines.
This is one of steps to prepare to study or work in western countries like U.S.A, U.K, Canada, Australia and etc..
Let’s experience about proved Talk’s academic system.

7. Effective memorizing vocabulary system

The learners will take placement test on basis of their level on the first day.
During 12weeks they study, with our curriculum, they memorize around 2,400 useful vocabulary in real situations.
You can memorize vocabulary easily and effectively with integrated curriculum and textbooks.

8. Best condition and weather for studying English

Baguio city is in the Philippines but the city of Baguio’s weather is not hot because Baguio city is situated at an altitude of approximately 1,500 meters and is known for its mild climate owing to its high elevation. The climate in the city is usually mild and cool. Locals and students don’t use air condition in their houses and schools.
But, it’s cold in the night. Must bring Long sleeves and cardigan.
One more! You can surf and swim in the sea. It takes only 1 hour and 20 minutes from Baguio!

9. Comfortable life in Talk

Talk academy services water, electric, laundry, cleaning services without extra fees. It is all included in Service fee.
All area in TALK academy has high-speed Wifi. You can use in the lobby and your room whenever you want.
Also Talk academy is safe thanks to security guard who keeps a watch on CCTV 24/7 and patrol and check all facilities in TALK to keep your safety. You can feel comfortable, study and enjoy your life in the Philippines.