After Philippines, study abroad in Australia or Canada

I want to study abroad in Australia or Canada, but my English is not good yet

I want to study abroad in Australia or Canada, but my budget is not enough.

I want to study abroad, but I need more time.

Iai??i??m a shy person!

Achieve your goal with TALK academy!

Features of studying English in the Philippines

One on One class
One on One class is a very effective system for beginners.
If you study English in western countries such as U.S.A, U.K, Canada, Australia. You learn English in group class with at least 10 students. For beginners, you cannot have many chances to speak English in group class like this. But beginners can speak English with confidence and of course improve English easier in group class.

Good condition for studying
Almost all academies in the Philippines provide meals, cleaning and laundry services to students.
Students donai??i??t need to care about cleaning and laundry, they can focus on their studies more.
Very good condition for studying only and easy to be friendly with teachers and have chance to have dinner or tea time with teachers as well.

Warmhearted Filipino
Filipinos are very warm hearted people and they listen carefully and answer clearly even if we cannot speak English very well.
Thanks to their kindness, we can speak English with confidence and try to use English without hesitation

Low living cost
Living cost in the Philippines is very reasonable and low compare to other countries.
You can enjoy various activities with reasonable price in the Philippines.

Features of studying English in Australia and Canada

They use standard English
They use standard English . And we can learn their culture as well.
Also you can learn standard English wherever you study.

Study abroad with reasonable price
Living cost in Australia and Canada is not cheap. But when we compare it to America, tuition fee is more reasonable and safer to live in than America.

Not difficult to get the visa
Australian and Canadian government issue visa well compared to America and U.K. Also they provide Working holiday visa as well. We have many options when we start studying English in these countries.

High quality lectures
In group class, at least 10 people study English together, and the instructor who is well trained based on studentai??i??s level teach English well.

Recommendable tips to this person

Iai??i??m preparing to study English in Canada but Iai??i??m a beginner
If you are beginner, it is hard to follow the lecture in group class.
But if you build up basics in the Philippines first, you can learn more and faster in Canada later.

Iai??i??m not sure I can speak English with foreigners because Iai??i??m a shy person.
If you think ai???Iai??i??m a shy personai??i??, we recommend you to start studying English in the Philippines first.
With one on one class, you can say anything you want with comfort and you can have confidence with one on one class. Of course, as long as you practice using English more, you can talk with foreigners well.

I need more time to prepare for entering the university in Canada
For people who want to study English but donai??i??t have enough time, we recommend them to study English in the Philippines first until they become intermediate.
After that, they can study English effectively in Canada.

I want to learn many things such as English, culture and friends in Australia and Canada, but I need more budget.
Studying in the Philippines is very reasonable when it comes to price.
You can save on expenses if you are a beginner.

It is an advisable program for people who will go to Australia or Canada with Working holiday program

Practice and study speaking intensively

Check the official pick-up dates before you book the flight.