2018 National Regular Holiday in Philippines

2018 National Regular Holiday (January ai??i?? June)
January 1(Monday) New Year
February 16(Friday) Chinese New Year
February 25(Saturday) EDSA Revolution
March 29(Thursday) Maundy Thursday
March 30(Friday) Good Friday
March 31(Saturday) Black Saturday
April 9(Monday) Day of Valor
May 1 (Tuesday) Labor Day
June 12(Monday) Independence Day
2018 National Regular Holiday (Julyai??i?? December)
August 21(Tuesday) Ninoy Aquino day
August 27(Monday) National Heroes day
October 31(Tuesday) Additional Special day
November 1(Thursday) All Saints day
November 2(Friday) All Souls day
November 30(Friday) Bonifacio day
December 24(Monday) Christmas Eve
December 25(Tuesday) Christmas Day
December 30(Sunday) Rizal day
December 31(Monday) New Year’s Eve

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