Hello, good day!
TALK academy has a new premium dormitory.
The Premium dormitory has 2 single rooms and 1 triple room. 5 persons will use 1 unit. 1 toilet is inside the triple room, and the other toilet is in the living room. Students who are using the single room should use the living room toilet.

The Premium dormitory is 10~15 mins by taxi to YANGCO center. During weekdays, TALK academy offers shuttle service(pick up and drop from YANGCO center to premium dormitory and vice versa). Now we are planning to offer this kind of service more often.

This is TALK academy premium dormitory triple room photos. Every room has desk. Also, the size and quality of that desk is best, each desk has stand light.

This is the storage space and toilet. Also, we provide, clothes hanger, etc. We are doing those so that students will feel comfortable in the dormitory.

The Premium dormitory has spacious living room. It has 1 triple room and 2 single rooms. This space is just enough for 5 people. A television is available but it doesn’t have cable connection. However, students can use their smart phone if they opt to watch you tube or other websites.

This is TALK academy’s premium dormitory kitchen, it stores all kitchen equipment. Premium dormitory students can use it anytime. Students can make and eat food themselves whenever they want. Premium dormitory halls do not offer meals on weekends and public holidays. Smoking and drinking in the dormitory is not allowed.

The Premium dormitory has 2 toilets; 1 is inside the triple room, and the other 1 is in the living room. Students who are using the room should use the toilet inside the triple room, and students using the single rooms should use the living room toilet. The living room toilet has bathtub.

The room size of the single rooms is almost the same. For the triple rooms and living rooms, the area may vary slightly by unit.

Some units don’t have balcony. These units have wider living rooms than those with balcony.

Each triple room has different structures.

A storage space is inside the triple room. It is enough to be used by three people.

There are units with a balcony in the living room. The living room looks smaller than the units without a balcony. However, TALK academy put desks in the a balcony for students to use.

In the case of the kitchen, it has the same structure as the other units. Every Friday, TALK academy offers some snacks for the weekends of our premium boarding students. Bread, eggs, jam and fruit are always available on Fridays. Premium dormitory does not have meals. Weekend meals are not available, and students can make their own meals in the premium dormitory kitchen.

TALK academy premium dormitory is located near Baguio’s famous tourist spot, allowing you to visit various tourist attractions. Talk dormitory premium dormitory has the best facilities in the Philippines! If you want to use premium dormitory, you are always welcome.