Medical and insurance system

1. How to have a medical check-up in the hospital

There are many hospitals in Baguio.
These hospitals are visited frequently when the students want to have medical checkups.
Norte dame Hospital
Baguio Medical Center
Saint Louis Hospital
Baguio General Hospital

We recommend these hospitals for students. Because these are big hospitals and facilities are better than others.
Letai??i??s see how to have a medical check-up in the hospital.
First of all, When you go to the hospital, go to emergency room first. There are doctors on duty in the emergency room.
Second, tell your symptoms to the doctor. The doctor diagnose your condition.
Lastly, you should get the medical certificate, doctorai??i??s prescription and receipt of payment and buy the prescribed medicine in the pharmacy.

2. Insurance

Applying for an insurance is very important. Especially, if you will study in a foreign country.
There are lots of insurance policies in each country.
We recommend you to acquire for an insurance before you start studying in the Philippines.
There are two major types of insurance required to study abroad.
Overseas travelers insurance and overseas student insurance.
Overseas travelers insurance is only for the student who will study for a maximum 3 months.
Overseas student insurance is for the student who will study for more than 3 months.
Buy the insurance that suits the period of your stay in a particular place.
Hospital bill and medicine are expensive in the Philippines.
When you get hospitalized because of colds, sometimes you should pay around 100USD.
If you have insurance, insurance covers basic things such as colds, fracture and almost normal illnesses.
You can charge and get the money from insurance with your medical certificate and receipt that you got from doctor.
Please apply for an insurance before you start studying in the Philippines.

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