Talk Academy Menu [ May21 – May 27 2018]

21. May

Breakfast : Rice, Scramble Eggs, Seaweed soup, Kimchi, Fried fishcake.

Lunch : Rice, Kimchi, Fried Baguio Been, Sweet& Sour sauce Beef, Spicy Seafood soup.

Dinner : Rice, Kimchi,  Seasoned Vegetables, Seaweed Misobeen soup, Kimchi pan cake, Hard-Boild Beef.

22. May

Breakfast : Bread, Cheese, Ham, Egg, Vegetables, Juice, Soup.

Lunch : Rice, Kimchi, Beensprouts soup, Pan cake, Pansit canton, Fried Eggplant.

Dinner : Rice, Kimchi,  Beef&Radish Soup, Egg&Beef boild down in Soy sauce, Beensprouts with spicy sauce.

23. May

Breakfast : Chicken& Vegetable Porridge, Kimchi, Egg&Beef boild down in Soy sauce.

Lunch : Rice, Kimchi, Leek kimchi, Canton, Pork Back-Bone Stew.

Dinner : Rice, Kimchi,  Lumpia, Sisig, Phillippine style salad, Bulalo.


24. May

Breakfast : Rice, Egg Rolls, Kimchi, Sausages, Been sprouts & Tofu Soup.

Lunch : Califonia Rolls, Banana, Kimchi, Fried Onions, Seafood soup.

Dinner : Rice, Kimchi,  Sayote, Kimchi stew, Jabchea.


25. May

Breakfast : Bread, Ham, Cheese, Vvegetable, Juice, Egg, Soup.

Lunch : Rice, Seaweed soup, Kimchi,  Zukiny pan cake, Watermelon, Stir-Fried Spicy Pork.

Dinner : Rice, Kimchi,  Vegetable Pan cake, Salad,  Miso been soup, Fried Ramen.


26. May

Brunch : Rice, Kimchi, Pickle, Chinese Cabbage Miso Been soup, Sweet & Sour sauce Pork.

Dinner : Rice, Soup, Pickle, Fried Chicken, French Fried, Spaghetti.

26. May

Brunch : Rice, Vegetables, Egg soup, Pickle, Stir-Fried Spicy Pork.

Dinner : Rice, Seaweekd, Pickel, Boild Eggs, Sausage strw with ramen.