Talk Academy Menu [ May14 – May 20 2018]

14. May

Brunch : Rice, Pansit canton, Pickle, Seasoned Vegetables, Braised Soysauce beef, Been sprouts soup with Tofu.

Dinner : Rice, Kimchi,  Leek, Donkatsu, Braised Tofu, Kimchi stew.


15. May

Breakfast : Bread, Cheese,  Vegitables, Ham, Egg, Jjuice, Soup.

Lunch : Rice, Seasoned Vegetable with Misso been taste sauce, Boiled Pork, Chinese Cabagge soup.

Dinner : Rice, Kimchi,  Zukini, Braised Soy sauce Pork, Deep- Fried Sugar Glazed Sweet Potatoes, Egg soup with Tofu.


16. May

Breakfast : Chicken Porridge, Kimchi, Braised Soy sauce Egg and Beef, cucumber kimchi.

Lunch : Rice, Kimchi, Spycy Cold Chewy Noodles, Egg Rolls, Fried Beef, Miso soybeen soup.

Dinner : Fried Rice, Kimchi, Egg soup, Baguio Been, Sweet and Sour Pork.



17. May

Breakfast : Rice, Scramble Eggs, Sausages, Kimchi, Beef & Radish soup.

Lunch : Rice, Kimchi, Seasoned Vegetables, Leek pan cake, Fried Broccoli,  Beef soup.

Dinner : Rice, Kimchi, Canton, Seaweed soup, Stir-Fried Rice cake.


18. May

Breakfast : Bread, Ham, Egg, Cheese, Vegetables, Juice, Soup.

Lunch : Rice, Kimchi, Scramble Eggs, Beef pan cake, Radish soup, Bulgogi with Been sprouts.

Dinner : Rice, Kimchi, Fish cake soup, Cabbage Salad, Dried Shrimp, Stir- Fried Shredded Potatoes.


19. May

Brunch : Fried Rice, Kimchi, Pickle,  Egg, Egg soup, Fried Potatoes.

Dinner : Rice, Kimchi, Egg Rolls, Sausages stew.

20. May

Brunch : Rice, Kimchi, Seaweed soup, Mapa Tofu, Beem sprouts, Vegetable pan cake.

Dinner : Rice, Kimchi, Fried Eggplant, Salad, Donkatsu. Miso been soup.