Talk Academy Menu [ May 7 – May 13 2018]

this is talk academy manager !

lets see talk academy meals!


7. May

Breakfast : Rice, Scramble Eggs, Kimchi, Sausages, Been spouts soup

Lunch : Rice, Kimchi, Seaweed soup, Zukini pan cake, Soysauce with Beef.

Dinner : Rice,Kimchi, Sisig, Lumpia, Bulalo.

8. May

Breakfast : Bread, Vegetables, Soup, Jam, Egg, Cheese, Ham.

Lunch : Rice, Kimchi, Curry, Salad, Fish cake soup, Sausages.

Dinner : Rice, Kimchi,Spring Rolls, Donkatsu, Salad, Miso soy been soup.


9. May

Breakfast : kimchi, Porridge, Seasoned Vegetables, Soy Sauce Braised Beef.

Lunch : Rice, Kimchi, Egg Seaweed soup, Fried Chiken, Stir-Fried shredded Potatoes.

Dinner : Rice, Kimchi, Beef pan cake, Corn Salad, Beef & Radish soup, Deep-Fried Sugar Glazed Sweet Potatoes.


10. May

Breakfast : Kimchi, Rice, Egg Rolls, Sausages, Fish cake soup.

Lunch : Rice, Kimchi, Fruits, Been spouts with Tofu soup, Braised Spicy Chiken.

Dinner : Kimbab, Pickle, Fried Nodles, Zukini, Chicken soup.


11. May

Breakfast : Bread, Juice, Ham, Cheese, Eggs, Vegetables, Soup.

Lunch : Rice, Kimchi, Seaweed soup, Zukini pan cake.

Dinner : Rice, Salad,  Pansit, Seaweed soup, Stir-Fried Spicy Pork with Kimchi.


12. May

Brunch : Rice, Curry, Kimchi, Egg soup, Fried Nodles.

Dinner : Rice, Kimchi, Seasoned Vegetables, Radish & Beed Soup, Stir- Fried Shredded Potatoes, Soy Sauce Braised Beef.


13. May

Brunch : Fried Rice, Egg soup, Salad, Kimchi, Pickle, Braised Tofu.

Dinner : Rice, Kimchi,Pickle, Sweet