Talk Academy Menu [ March 5 – March 11 2018]

5 .March

Breakfast : Rice, Kimchi, Sausages, Beef& Radish soup, Scramble Eggs.

Lunch: Rice, Kimchi, chicken babeque, Curry, Pickle, Salad, Miso soy been soup.

Dinner:  Korean pan cake, Kimchi Fried Rice with Seaweed, Egg rolls, kimchi, Been sprouts soup.

6 .March

Breakfast : Bread, Cheese, Juice, Egg, Ham, Seasoned Vegetables, soup.

Lunch: Rice, Kimchi, pickle, Freid Vegetables, Zukini pna cake, Fruits, Beef & Radish woup.

Dinner :Seafood Fried Rice, Kimch stew, kimch, pickle,  Fried Sweet potatoes.

7 .March

Breakfast : Porridge, Soy Sause Braised Beef & eggs, kimchi, Seaweed, Fried Tofu.

Lunch: Rice, Kimchi, Salad, Fired potatoes, Seasoned Vegetables, Braised Soy sauce Beef. Fish cake soup.

Dinner :Rice, Kimchi, Fried Baguio been, Miso soybeen soup with Tofu & Seaweed, Shredded Radish

8 .March

Breakfast : Rice,Kimchi, Egg rolls, Fried Cabbage, Egg soup.

Lunch: Rice, Kimchi, Bababa, Japchae, Pancit canton, Soy sauce braised beef, Chinese cabbage soup.

Dinner :Rice, Kimchi, Stir-Fried rice cake with ramen nodles, Bolied Egg, Banquet Noodles.

9 .March

Breakfast : Sandwich, Egg, Ham, Cheese, soup, Juice.

Lunch: Rice, Kimchi, Shredded Radish, Beef, Sausage stew.

Dinner :Rice with beef Japanese style, Kimchi, Egg soup, Dulpling, Seawwed whit vineger sauce. 10 .March

Brunch : Rice, Kimchi, Boiled Egg, Spicy cold chewy noodles, Fish cake soup, Fried Sweet potates.

Dinner : Rice, Kimchi, Boiled Pork, Soybeen paste Sauce & vegetables, Tofu & Kimchi soup.

11 .March

Brunch : Rice, Kimchi, Kimchi stew, Fried Potatos, Bbraised Beef Sourt Ribs.

Dinner : Rice, Kimchi, Sayote, Black Soybeen sauce, Japchae, Fish cake soup