Talk Academy Menu [ March 19 – March 25 2018]

Hello, This is TALK academy manager.

I will show you about TALK academy meals photo!


Breakfast : Rice, Kkimchi, Sausages, Scramble Eggs, Radish & beef soup

Lunch : Rice, Kimchi, Egg soup, Pancit canton, Braised soy sauce Beef.

Dinner :  Rice, Kimchi, Egg rolls, Donkatsu, Miso Soybeen soup.


Breakfast : Bread, Cheese, Ham, Egg, Vegetables, Soup, Juice.

Lunch : Rice, Kimchi, Cabbage corn Salad, Braised Soy sauce Beef, Chinese cabbage Miso soup, Pickle.

Dinner :  Rice, Kimchi, Boiled Pork, Soybeen paste sauce with Vegetables, Cabbage soup.


Breakfast : Porridge, Kimchi, Weaweed, Soy sauce Braised Beef & Eggs.

Lunch : Rice, Kimchi, Deep- fried sugar glazed Sweet potetoes, Fish cake woup, Spicy cold chewy noodles.

Dinner :  Fried Rice, Kimchi, Sayote, Sweet and Sour sauce with pork.


Breakfast : Rice, Kimchi, Egg Rolls, Sausages, Been sprouts soup.

Lunch : Rice, Kimchi, Banana,  Fried tomato& egg, Beef pan cake, Radish soup.

Dinner :  Rice, Kimchi, Seasoned Vegetables, Pickle, Been sprouts soup, Japchae, Braiesed Spicy Chicken.


Breakfast : Bread, Cheese, Ham, Egg, Vegetables, Juice, Soup.

Lunch : Rice, Kimchi, Seaweed soup , Fried broccoli, Seasoned Vegetables, Salad.

Dinner :  Rice, Kimchi, Salad,Stir- fried Potatoes, Dried Shirmp.


Brunch : Rice, Kimchi, Fish cake soup, Fried Baguio Been, Soy sauce Braised Egg, Fried Potatoes,

Dinner : Rice, Kimch, Seasoned Vegetables, Egg Rolls, Sausage stew.


Brunch : Rice, Kimchi, Orange, Radish & Beef soup, Mafa Tofu.

Dinner : Rice, Kimch, Salad, Miso Soybeen soup with Totu & Seaweed, Donkatsu.