Talk Academy Menu [ March 12 – March 18 2018]

Hello, This is TALK academy manager.

I will show you about TALK academy meals photo!

12 .March

Breakfast : Rice, Kimchi, Beef &Radish soup, Cabbage Salad, Dried shirimp.

Lunch: Rice, Kimchi, Seasoned Vegetables, Egg soup, Zukini pan cake, Braised Soy sauce Beef.

Dinner:  Rice, Kimchi, Lumpia, Bulalo, Pork sisig, Chopsuy.


Breakfast : Bread, Cheese, soup, Juice, Ham, Egg, Vegetables .

Lunch: Rice, Kimchi, Stir-fried Shredded Potatoes, Sausage, Potatoes Salad, Kimchi stew.

Dinner:  Rice, Kimchi, Seaweed soup with Soysauce, Spring Rolls, Donkatsu.


Breakfast : Porridge, Soy Sause Braised Beef & eggs, kimchi, Seaweed, Fried Tofu.

Lunch: Rice, Kimchi, Chicken, Fried Bagio Been, Shredded Radish, Egg soup.

Dinner:  Rice, Kimchi, Deep-fried sugar Glazed Sweet potato, Corn salad, Chineses Cabbage Miso soybeen soup.


Breakfast : Rice, Been Sprouts soup, Kimchi, Sausage with Vegetables, Scramble Egg.

Lunch: Rice, Kimchi, Pansit Canton, Salad, Radish soup, Skewered babeque.

Dinner:  Kimbab, Chicken soup, Kimchi, Pickle, Zukini.


Breakfast : Bread, Cheese, Soup, Juice, Vegetables, Ham, Egg.

Lunch: Rice, Kimchi, Kimchi pan cake, Miso Soybeen soup, Seasoned Vegetables.

Dinner:  Rice, Kkimchi, Salad, Pickle, Been sprouts soup.


Brunch : Rice, Curry, Sunny-side up, Kimchi, Pickle, Miso Soybeen soup with Tofu

Dinner : Bibimbab(Rice with vegetables, Egg, and spicy sauce), Pickle,  Fish cake soup


Brunch : Fried Rice, Sayote, Salad, Zukini, Egg soup, Kkimchi

Dinner : Rice, Kimchi, Chinese Cabbage soup, Sweet and Sour Pork, Cucumber