Talk Academy Menu [ April 2 – April 8 2018]

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2. April

Breakfast: Rice, Kimchi, Cabbage Salad, Tofu pan cake, Rradish soup.

Lunch; Rice, Kkimchi, Chicken Curry, Deep-fired Glazed Sugar Sweet potaoes, Been sprouts. Miso Soybeen soup.

Dinner : Rrice, Kimchi, Egg Rolls, Vegetable pan cake, Tofy & Been sprouts soup.

3. April

Breakfast: Bread, Cheese, Ham, Egg, Vegetables, Juice, Soup.

Lunch; Rice, Kkimchi, Kimchi stew, Sayote, Seasoned Vegetables, Korean style pan cake.

Dinner : Fried Rice, Kimchi, Salad, Vegetables, Radish & Beef soup.

4. April

Breakfast: Porridge, Fried Tofu, Kimchi, Seaweed, Braised Soy sauce Beef & Eggs.

Lunch; Rice, Fried Kkimchi, Beef Curry, Fried Potatoes, Pickle, Salad, Tofu & Chinese Cabbage soybeen soup.

Dinner : Fried Rice, Kimchi, Egg soup, Leek pan cake, Bulgogi(Beef)

5. April

Breakfast: Rice, Kimchi, Egg Rolls, Sausage, Been sprouts soup.

Lunch; Rice, Kimchi, Baguio Been, BanLana, Pancit canton, Chinese Cabbage soup, Teriyaki Chicken.

Dinner : Rice, Kimchi, Fruit, Leek, Fish cake soup, Bolied Eggs, Stir-Fried Rice cake with Ramen Noodles

6. April

Breakfast: Bread, Cheese, Ham, Egg, Vegetables, Juice, Soup.

Lunch; Rice, Kimchi, Shredded Radish, Beef pan cake, Kimchi stew.

Dinner : Rice, Kimchi, Fried Dumpling, Donkatsu, Seassoned Vegetables, Egg soup.

7. April

Brunch : Rice, Kimci, Been sprouts, Sayote, Egg soup,

Dinner : Rice, Kimchi, Bolied Pork, Soybeen paste Sauce & Vegetables, Shredded Radish, Tofu and Chinese Cabbage Miso soup.

8. April

Brunch : Rice, Kimci, Stick Fried Potetoes, Seasoned Vegetables, Braised Soy sause Beef, Kinchi stew.

Dinner : Rice, Kimchi, Japchae, Radish soup, Pickle, Black Soyben sause.