The Main Dormitory – Yangco Center – Talk Academy

For students who are coming to Talk Academy’s Yangco Center, I’ll show you a three-bed room and a four-bed room.

Firstly, this is a three-bed room. The room is bright and comfortable.

On both sides of the desk, there are closets and shoe rack.

Inside the room, there are beds as well.

Baguio is cold early in the morning and every night due to the location.

Jackets are necessary.

The outside view from the room is this. Except the rainy season, the weather in Baguio is awesome and suitable to study.

The toilet in Yangco’s room is common toilet. There is a shower booth.

The structure of the toilets in three-bed room and four-bed room are the same.

 The size of the four-bed room is the same that of the three-bed room.

There are wall sockets which students can charge their laptops and phones by. The desk has also the light.

At night, students can study in a cubicle which is 24 hours opened.