The Cathedral of Manila (Traveling course in Manila #2)

This is the Cathedral of Manila. Many people come here to listen to the mass.

The Cathedral of Manila has unforgettable history. It looks okay but it was re-built around 7-8 times already cause of earthquake and wars before.

This cathedral was built in 1571 as a church in Manila. It was re-birth in 1581 as a cathedral.

Locals said this cathedral is a miracle cathedral in the Philippines. The reason why is that the cathedral suffered from earthquake, wars and fires etc. The first event was, it was damaged and destroyed by Chinese, Lima Hong in 1574 and by fire in 1573 and by earthquakes in 1600, 1654 and 1863 also it hurts by 2nd world war. I hope modern men keep this historic site and have a good mind to care for their history.

This picture above is inside the cathedral. When I came inside, I didn’t do wrong but I felt I have to do something. There are people who pray to God.

Also there are a lot of people who take pictures like me. This is not only a cathedral but also a tourist site.

When I stood at the altar, Unknown power made me bowed my head down piously.

Interior was really awesome. The interior of Cathedral by Filipino artist, Galo, Ocampo.

Decorated round-stain window contains Saint Maria’s life.

For wising my day to god, I departed from the cathedral of Manila.

Next place was Fort Santiago. It took me  10 mins to reach it  from cathedral.

This is a map going to Fort Santiago.

Just follow the sign and you can reach Fort Santiago easily.

This fortress was essential and important military defense area. Now, it is operated as a park for Filipino Hero, Jose Rizal.

There is an entrance fee.

Open hours : Monday 1PM to 5PM / Tuesday ~ Sunday : 9AM to 6PM

Entrance fee : Student : 50 PHP / Adult : 75 PHP

I looked around this fort.

This fort was important defense area, moreover it functioned as a prison cell for criminals.

Jose Rizal was put in this prison for 2months and died during 2nd world war.

Inside the museum, there are Filipino heroes, Jose Rizal’s books, keepsakes, manuscripts and remains

You can see view of Manila city at Fort Santiago. It needed to monitor the city for defense.

As a foreigner living in the Philippines, visiting these tourist sight such as Intramuros and For Santiago was a very good time to know the history of this country.