Green House – Yangco Center – Talk Academy

There is the dormitory beside the main building of Yangco Center.

Its name is Green House.

In the middle of its 1st floor, there are some fitness facilities. In the photo, there are two stairways. The left side is for females, and the right side is for males.

The spacious dormitory is wide.

When it comes to positives, Green House has its own kitchen, so the students could cook their own food. This is one of the merits of staying in Green House.

 Also, it has single room or twin bed room.

If someone doesn’t like to share the room with 3 or 4 people, the dormitory is a good choice.

This room is for 2 people. It is clean, right?

Moreover, the dormitory has fast speed of the Internet because only five people use it. It is good point compared to the main building.

Finally, the cool scenery is shown clearly.

This space is for students to relax.

This hammock is also for students.

They can enjoy a barbecue party and take a rest.

All students are allowed to use this area. (Drinking alcohol is not allowed)