Famous street food – barbecue on skewer in Baguio (Near LOURDES GROTTO)

There are many famous restaurants in Baguio. We usually  have  meal in restaurant. But sometimes when we walk, a very inviting  smell comes to us.

Today I’ll introduce Barbecue on a skewer on the street.

My favorite barbecue street booth is in Dominican Road.



LOURDES GROTTO is a very famous tourist site in Baguio. Many people visit here to pray.

If you visit Philippines, you can see the statue of the Virgin Mary everywhere.

But this statue of the Virgin Mary is  inside a small cave. Because of this, many people visit this place.

From the entrance of LOURDES  GROTTO, when you go up 252 stairs, you can find the statue.

At the top of the stairs, you can see a small cathedral and statue of Jesus as well.

This shop is the best barbecue booth in Baguio. This shop serves really nice sauce and well-cooked and qualified skewered.

There are variety of barbecues such as pork, chicken, internal organs, skin and sausages.

Firstly, you have to choose what skewered you eat. After choosing, KUYA will cook your barbecue with charcoal fire.

After cooking with charcoal fire then KUYA will spread special sauce over the skewered.

I cannot stop eating this one. I’m addicted really!

If you try to eat this one, you also cannot stop eating. You will just choose and eat and choose and eat like me..

This is a special sauce with vinegar in this booth.

It is really awesome and makes me visit this shop again and again..

It tastes a little sweet and not that sour

This is a chicken on skewer. It looks weird for foreigners but it is really delicious.

These locals  are really enjoying eating  these barbecue. I recommend you to try this barbecue here.

Next time, I’ll post other street food that are famous among Baguio residents as well as foreigners.