Chowking in SM Baguio

There are variety of fast food  restaurant chains in the Philippines.

Today, I’ll talk about the famous food  restaurant chain, Chowking.

1st Chowking was opened in Makati, Manila in 1985.

Chowking is world-famous  restaurant chain. They opened in California, Dubai, Indonesia etc,

There are over 400 chains in the Philippines now.

Interior of Chowking

Chowking offers variety of fusion foods between Filipino and Chinese .

Interior of Chowking is very clean and organized.

Chowking is widely loved by Filipinos like Jollibee.

How to place an order in Chowking

First, line up and get a waiting number picket. Most restaurants serve food to customer directly in the Philippines and with cleaning up, also we don’t need to clean up our table after eating.

But we have to get  our own spoon,straw and tissue .

Wanton mami.

I always eat wanton in Chowking. Always the biggest size.

Wanton means Chinese style dumpling, Mami means Chinese style noodle.

I would say wanton mami is noodle with dumpling.

When I have this menu, I always ask for chili sauce. Sauce and wanton mami is the best combination in Chowking.

After eating, just leave  the dishes and others on the table. Staffs in Chowking will clean them up by themselves.