Now, English has become an indispensable factor in graduating from university and for seeking employment after in todayai??i??s global world.
As globalization creates aggressive competition, many of us work overseas, but even if you have been studying English for over 10 years at school, you often get stuck in communicating using the English language.
Because you do not frequently use English in real life, even though you learn English for a long time, you cannot remember the meaning of the words and proper grammar usage when you faced with some difficult and complicated conversations.
Even if you remember it, you may fee embarrassed and eventually ran out of words to say.

Our language school teachers English all day long with students coming from culturally diverse countries like Japan, Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia and Korea. Students learn to speak English naturally, travel together during the weekends, have a meal or tea with teachers to hone their communicating skills more and more.
We will no longer study English as a language, but it will be a form of communication that everyone feels comfortable to use.

In Talk academy, We provide IELTS and TOEIC score guarantee classes for students who need IELTS and TOEIC score for employment, immigration and graduation from university.
Talk academy is the first school to start and operate TOEIC score guarantee program in the Philippines and have achieved hundreds of high scores so far.
We will show you the proficiency and efficiency of our English language education as we work hand in hand in a improving your English language skills.

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