Kim Yonghwan “EVAN”

Good morning, everyone. I’m Evan. Today is finally our graduation day.

Before I came to this academy, I didn’t know writing, listening, grammar, and speaking. However, I learned English in this academy from good teacher. I can feel I developed my English skills.

When I came to this academy, I felt uncomfortable because of this environment. Both students and teachers use English most of the time but I learned English from teachers and I didn’t usually hangout with Korean students on weekends. I went out alone. Furthermore, I met Filipinos and spoke with them in English, so, my English skill was improved. I studied English in and out of this academy. Sometimes, I went out with teachers, I still kept using English.

If I come back to the Philippines, I will do the same lifecycle. It was a very good experience in my life. I want to come back here when I get the chance. Furthermore, I hope to see my teachers again. They were very good to me.

Thank you for listening to my speech. Good luck to all of us.

  • Kim Yonghwan “EVAN”