Jang Seoyoon “JASON”

Good morning, teachers, students, and guests. My name is Jason.

I’m pleased to give a graduation speech and I’ll never forget this moment. During my four weeks of stay here, I found out that it was not that difficult to be with Filipino teachers as well as the foreigners. Because, all of them taught me well and talked slowly. I should wake up at 7am and it was hard for me. But I think both of them are also a good experience. Before I came here, I didn’t have confidence. When I started the class first time, it was still hard. After some days, I notice myself didn’t feel the difficulty when I talk with foreigners. After the tiring but full of learning days, I can play and go out with my family. The Wi-Fi was terrible, but, because of that, I managed to concentrate on my studies. I think this was the best moment of my life so far. I hope that every learner in TALK Academy will improve English. If I have another chance, I’ll come back here again. Thank you for listening and I hope we enjoy our weekend.

  • Jang Seoyoon “JASON”