Chang Heejin “SARAH”

Hello everyone! My name is Sarah. It is nice to meet all of you! I studied here in TALK Academy for 1 month. I have a lot of experience in learning English.

At first, learning English is difficult for me because before in Korea, we have learned English by Korean language. We don’t have a chance to speak in English but here in TALK Academy, they have given us the chance that we are looking for.

We met different kinds of teachers, there are teachers who are kind, patient, good listener, and fun teachers. I want to thank my teachers and all of the teachers for patiently teaching and helping us in learning English.

I want to say thank you to this academy for giving me a lot of friends and for meeting a lot of people. I know it’s only a short time but I have a lot of good memories here in the academy.

Thank you everyone for listening to my speech. Congratulations!

  • Chang Heejin “SARAH”