Bùi Tấn Đủ “ANT”

Hello, I’m Ant from Vietnam, I’m 26 years old. I have been staying here in TALK academy for over 8 weeks now. I came here in the Philippines to study English. I studied ESL 421 for 4 weeks and shifted to TOEIC for another 4 weeks. Learning here in TALK Academy is fun. I met new friends from different countries. I like my teachers because I consider them as my family and they are good friends too.

I like Baguio city. The city has a good climate and people are hospitable and friendly.

Also, I like the cleaning Ates who cleans my room every weekend. They are hardworking and very kind.

For the kitchen staff, thank you for cooking food for all the students every day.

If given a chance to study English again, I will choose TALK Academy again. I will come back and strive harder to enhance my English skills

Thank you all for all your hard work!!!