To the administration for their unending support and guidance, to my co-teachers for sharing their knowledge and experience and to my students who are always there to make me better in teaching as days pass by. Thank you so much for this award.
As a teacher by profession, I have always believed that teaching someone should be accompanied with joy and compassion because educating students is not merely providing knowledge but also molding them to be a better and productive individual in every place they desire to go to.
To the students of this academy specially my students, we always appreciate all your efforts in learning the English language. Never put in mind that we don’t care whether you improve or not because we really do. We just have a lot of approaches and techniques in teaching that might be totally different from what you are used to.
To my co-teachers, I just want to remind the importance of reviewing our lessons before we start because it’s not a guarantee that if we are used to teaching that subject then we can deliver it flawlessly. I believe we don’t want to compromise the students’ knowledge by providing vague and incorrect information.
Finally, all of us teachers are great teachers. We just need to continue educating students with passion. We should never get tired because at the end of the day, the feeling of satisfaction for doing something wholeheartedly is what matters.

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