Good afternoon.
I would like to begin this talk with an appreciation and that I am truly humbled and honored to have this award.
Thank you, to the Almighty who has been so graceful every day,
The head teacher and the rest of the administration who has been understanding and considerate.
The students who has help me mold my passion and patience in catering towards their weakness.
Last but not the least, my family, friends and colleagues who have been such a great encouragement and outlet in times of trials and struggles.

Now let me start with what is to be a teacher.
We sometimes characterize a teacher as “one who has a teaching credentials and someone who works in school” I think otherwise, because actually everyone is a teacher in some ways and another. Anyone who shares information with someone and understands its meaning, then learning has occurred.

As a teacher, empowering is one aspect that I believe we have to embody as this is the emotional dimension. With help from an inspiring teacher (US) learner’s discover their desire to continue developing and applying new information.

Remember that being called as the best teacher should not only be as a title and for a day, or a month as the conclusion but it should be an everyday growth we have to keep.

Lastly, I would like to leave 2 questions for us, number one “what impact can I have?” and number two “what teacher should I be?”.
Thank you.

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