It was not so long ago when I started teaching in this Academy. For most of us, we teach with nothing more than devotion. Together we unify as one with knowledge, skills and values to bring our student’s dream closer to heighten their English skills. Not only that we educate them by the book, but also teach them how to be a responsible individual.

To this Academy, thank you for allowing me to grow into this institution and develop into the principled individual as we have become today.

I am so grateful to receive this honor as the Best Teacher for the Month of April. This isn’t just a reward but this proves that I have done all I could to teach them very well. This proves that I am able to share all my knowledge by teaching. This doesn’t end my teaching but instead, it gives me more vigor and incitement to educate more students and let them learn more than what they know.

I am so thankful to my students who always believes in me and for challenging me to do my job better.

To my colleagues, you’ve always been supportive and thank you for your unending passion in educating our students. You served as their building blocks that made them what they are now.

Once again, thank you and God Bless.

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