Honestly, I’m embarrassed because I never expect this situation. I didn’t do special things.
Accomplished all the requirements my teacher asked me to do.
I wasn’t absent in my all classes. I haven’t studied for fifteen years. So, I couldn’t speak English fluently when I came here about six weeks ago.
I always try to improve English skill but, its never easy for me.
Sometimes, I’m disappointed but I always to do my best and faced my fears. At first, I hesitate to share my ideas using the language because I always thought that it might me incorrect.
However, I always believe that there is a room for improvement and learning takes time.
Fortunately, I’m enjoying to study with my teachers. That’s the reason that I can smile to everyone.
I believe that all my efforts won’t betray me.
You must exert an effort in your situation just like me. Someday, we will achieve our goal.
Cheer up my fellow students. Thank you !

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