Good morning. Today is a happy day and I’ll be sharing my thoughts in becoming the best student for the month of June.
Receiving this award is really unexpected. I didn’t know about this perk. When I came here, I just focused on studying and overcoming my weaknesses. So, receiving this award is surprising. I didn’t expect to be the best student for this month. I would like to say thanks to those who believe in me.
I didn’t really know how to become a best student. To be honest, after I take my exam every night, I only got through the vocabularies I am not familiar with. This is my only routine. When I attend my classes, I focus on learning and I guess when we show that, when we persevere in studying, it generates good scores and being keen to learn manifests that we are good students.
For each and every student, you are all the best. It’s just a matter of how we will become one. All we have to remember is to be diligent in studying, be punctual in attending our classes, behave in a decent manner and lastly, be respectful to everyone.

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