Hello everyone,
My name is Ellin. I took the TOEIC course for three months here.
I cannot believe that three months have passed since I came to Talk Academy. It is hard to believe that I am standing here in front of you and speak in English.

At first, I used to avoid English until I came here. So, it was really difficult for me to live here because I never studied English by myself. And I never imagined that I will be studying English. But, I thought it is very important to learn the language which will be helpful for me in the future not only for my studies but also for my future job so I decided to come here to Baguio with my parents help. While studying here, I was impatient for my English skills, but I was able to endure because teachers encouraged me every time. They were always kind to me and led me, so I could enjoy myself. They also gave me advice and suggestions to improve my scores and study habits. I think they are good teachers and good friends. My personality also changed since I was a shy person before.

My English skills have not improved significantly, but I gained confidence especially through speaking in terms of expressing my feelings and opinions. So, I will continue to study English even after I return to Korea.
When I return home after graduation, I will really miss my teachers, the life of being a student and the delicious snacks. I will even miss more the weather of Baguio.

Three months of staying here is a great and memorable experience. So, I want to thank all teachers for their effort and hardwork. I also want to thank my roommate for talking to me and hanging out with me. Finally, I want to thank Manager Honey for helping and supporting me during my stay here.

Today is our graduation so I want to wish all students good luck on your future plans in life. Congratulations to all of us! Thank you.

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